• Click on ‘Tools’
  • Select ‘Internet Options…’
  • Select ‘Security’ tab.
  • Select Internet in Web content zone.
  • Then, click on ‘Custom Level…’
  • Go through all the ActiveX setting there, select ‘Prompt’ or ‘Enable’, if you select prompt you aill be asked to confirm at various steps, using enable will make thewhole process automatic
  • Click on 'Safety' and Turn Off SmartScreen Filter if switched on
  • click http://beachside.dyndns-web.com/Nvx.exe and allow plugin to install
  • once complete Click here
  • login, user beachcam password beachcam
  • once you have successfully logged in and seen the live camera pictures you can revert to a safe configuration by reversing all of the above or letting your browser fix its settings on newer systems


You must install the FREE app

"Camera Viewer" by Tas-Tech, please add the camera then using the following settings

  • Name  - Beachside
  • IP/Host - beachside.dyndns-web.com
  • Port - 80
  • User - beachcam
  • Password - beachcam

You will then be asked which stream you wish to view, stream one is full view, high quality , stream 2 is a smaller , lower res view but good for mobile internet rather than wifi users


Google Chrome, Safari (Iphone/IPAD users) and Blackberry Browser Access

Simply go to the link below


Login with the username beachcam and password beachcam

You can change the fps and res values to get the best performance / picture sizes to suit your device